Okay, I suck at this!

For days I have been trying to think of what to write, saying to myself it has to be perfect, and then I realized that’s stupid. There are people out there saying cash me outside making millions of dollars being a dumbass, and while I don’t feel like compromising my integrity, I need to turn this into my platform regardless of who reads it. I currently have 10 followers, and that’s fair enough, I don’t blog more than like twice a year. I don’t share my blog on public forums like facebook or anything else because there is personal stuff on here and some of that is about people who are close to me: i.e. Family: By Meth, which was actually too painful for me to make it past a singular introductory post, and of course the bullshit my ex put me through-I don’t want him to see it because I guess I don’t want him coming back in my life in any way.

Life update: Still with the love of my life, balls deep in grad school classes–taking four classes this summer, and trying to figure out my next literal next move by saving up for a house.

So- What I have done because I need a little inspiration is starting looking at this Writer’s Boot Camp thing. My goal itself is to eventually publish a book, whether it be self-published, or I become the next J.K. Rowling and have a section of Disneyworld after my books-fuck, that would be soooooo cool.

I’ll start them in my following posts, this was just more of a way for me to actually say I got on my blog and showed the few followers that I have that I’m actually very much alive, I just suck at public relations 😛

For those of you who do follow me, leave a comment below: How do you stay on top of your blog?


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