Winsome….is not me this morning

If you have ever seen any movie ever, people wake up on a Saturday with beautiful curled hair and a full face of “natural makeup” so they can leave their viewers with the impression that they are just as aesthetically pleasing as they were when they went to bed. However, we all know this isn’t true.

I woke up this morning with hair stuck to the side of my face, some in my mouth even–apparently, I have a cold, so I am now a mouthbreather. I didn’t take off my makeup last night, so I’m lookin a little raccoon-like, but for some reason, I’m strangely confident in my appearance this morning. Despite the fact that I know I look a little rough, there is still a spark in my that says I can kick this day’s ass.

I know this might seem off topic of “winsome”, as it is mainly about things that are attractive in appearance, but my goal is to let people know that just because you might not wake up with a winsome glow and rosy red cheeks, doesn’t mean that you still can’t bask in the glory of a good night’s sleep.

No one looks good in the morning, unless you didn’t go to sleep. The absence of winsomeness=good sleep, or I least I hope so.


Here’s proof: You winsome, or you lose some (had to do it.)image

Go and live winsome lives, take pictures, and document even the unattractive moments, because in those moments, you gain something beautiful


via Daily Prompt: Winsome


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