What would they say?

I just finished watching a Buzzfeed video, Reading a Stranger’s Diary, and I couldn’t help but be intrigued. This woman purchased a stranger’s diary and read through her life. While the words written seemed nothing more than mundane, the woman blogging the diary and her reactions to it became connected to the woman through the diary itself. She went on this journey with her, shared moments with her, and went on this emotional rollercoaster. It made me wonder about my own diaries. If someone got a hold of them, what would they say?

Truthfully, my diaries don’t ever talk about positive things. When I’m happy, I don’t usually write because I either don’t want to ruin a good thing, as my superstition has proved that once bragging about the good, the good goes away; or I was just so happy to be happy that I had to dwell in the moment of joy, which is something that for the longest time, I never felt.

Having this conversation with my boyfriend, he claims that he wants to read my diaries, but I assure you, if he actually did, he wouldn’t like it. It’s grossly personal, but it’s not what every guy imagines a girl’s diary to be. It was more of a place for me to lament and on my state of emotion. It’s really just sad. I’ve been experiencing nothing but change within the last 6 months, changes that have taken me on an emotional uphill, but to a hill with a 90 degree drop that immediately follows. And with the New Year just over 24 hours away, more changes will be coming, but I would like to make sure I actually do one thing: challenge the superstition and document the positives at least once a week.

What would they say about your diary?




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