I have never really gone public with my writing. I don’t believe it deserves the nobel peace prize, or even the smallest of awards. It’s always been something that is rather personal; I talk about my personal life, but more in the discoveries I make based on the things I go through. It’s reflective, and not much more.

Now, I know what I have gone through is nothing short of a relatively normal life. I haven’t had much distress, misfortune, or “hard knocks”. I’m 26 working toward my masters degree, still living with my parents because my teacher salary minus what I pay in student loans makes it impossible to live alone and attempt to save for anything. But in that sense, I can save more money to pay off my student loans. I haven’t really had to sacrifice anything.

I have always wanted to make a difference, make a startling connection that no one else has, write when I don’t feel like writing, workout when I don’t have the energy, and expend my assets when I don’t actually have them. I am the dreamer and the doer, but slower at the latter. People who say you don’t need money to travel can suck it because I don’t have the money to travel.

Here within the next 6 months, I will be starting “Writer’s Bootcamp” by Rachel Federman. My goal is to write a book someday equivalent to Harry Potter status. While I know it takes work. It would ease the loans I think (lol). Be the dreamer and the doer, even if the “do” part does take time, don’t let it be an obstacle forever.


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