That Moment When….

Your roommate informs you that she’s fallen off a hoverboard and broken her arm in two places.

Just when you were getting your wine down, having a deep-think moment, and getting ready to write ALL the thoughts, your roommate texts you and says, “You will never guess what happened”…well, shit. She was most definitely right.

What I was going to discuss on this fine Friday as I’m sitting in my room with a great pinot, and ready to solve the worlds problems, there is one that I did not account for; accidents.

While this is categorized as humor, it’s clearly not funny that she broke her arm in two places by hitting a table and then the floor, it is because in life we cannot simply mask the fact that life will literally fall when you’re least expecting it. What matters is getting back up on that damn pony and riding it to the end of the race.


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